About Seamus

Keynote speaker, TV host, Breakfast Radio personality, Comedian

At 18 years of age, straight out of school, Seamus landed his first role on TV as a host for Toasted TV on Network 10. For four years, Seamus learned the ins-and-outs of entertainment by dousing himself with slime, riding roller coasters while easting hot dogs and interviewing Hollywood A-list celebrities.

After four years of pure fun and frivolity on screen, Seamus was poached by the producers of Network TEN’s to be a reporter for Totally Wild. This is where he found his love for wildlife, adventure and telling a story through pictures.

Leaving Network TEN after 7 years hosting a variety of TV shows, Seamus’ breakfast radio career began. Waking up Australians from behind the radio mic for 5 years around the country.

Now as a keynote speaker and stand up comedian, Seamus graces the stage making his audience laugh and feel empowered through his inspiring and hilarious keynote presentations.

Travelling the country speaking to a wide age group, speaking in schools, universities, local business and at large national conferences Seamus uses his extensive media experience to make his audience both laugh and cry.

Seamus was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of 10

Feeling incredibly bored and disengaged at school, Seamus was more interested in making people laugh and distracting the class. As a result of not taking school seriously, Seamus graduated with horrible grades and hated hard physical labour so was stuck with limited career options.

But Seamus already knew what he wanted to be when he ‘grew up’… a TV host! How does a ‘dumb’ kid with ADHD, Tourette Syndrome and an attention span shorter than this sentence land a job entertaining Australia?

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