Building and ARC

Building an ARC is a group workshop designed to equip participants with daily applicable skills in Attitude, Resilience and Confidence.

This is achieved by using research, powerful story-telling and experiential group activities.

Seamus uses a disarming presenting style to comfortably guide your team out of their comfort zone to initiate personal growth and keep mentally healthy.

Failing school and battling a neurodiverse brain in the workplace, Seamus has had to learn these skills first hand to gain a competitive advantage and grow from strength to strength in the cut throat industry of broadcast entertainment.


  • Bounce back quickly and effectively
  • Strengthen your mental fitness
  • Increase overall group output
  • Improving individual attitude
  • Embracing failure

This workshop is perfect for:

  • Sporting teams
  • Groups in high performing roles
  • Student leadership cohort
  • Embracing failure

No growth happens inside your comfort zone. Step out of it today and build you’re A.R.C with Seamus Evans.

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