Keynote Speaker

High energy keynote talks and workshops to ignite your teams

Seamus Evans brings his experience and energy to help you improve your teams attitude, resilience and confidence and give you a competitive edge.

Increasing Engagement

Addressing issues such as imposter syndrome in staff by building their confidence to improve the team output.

Clearing Confusion

Helping teams find focus while guiding individuals to strive for personal and organisational goals. 

Building Resilience

Helping teams build resilience and overcome adversity to improve their ‘life-at-work’.

motivating speaker

TEam BuIlding Spirit

Through the use of keynote talks and workshops, Seamus will take your teams through engaging and entertaining ways to open their minds and build comradery.

Seamus has first-hand experience on building mental strength. He teaches a range of methods to get your team activated and considering ways they can overcome Adversity, build Resilience and gain Confidence.

Experienced Youth entertainer

A little about Seamus

Living with non-swearing Tourette Syndrome and ADHD caused seamus difficulties at school. He didn’t perform as well as expected and he was well on the path to failing.

With few options ahead of him, Seamus turned a corner and decided to never let ‘setbacks’ stand in the way of his dreams. He went on to become a breakfast radio personality, public speaker and sort-after TV presenter with an exciting list of achievements.

What seamus can do for you

Be inspired to conquer the world as Seamus share his triumphant journey overcoming the challenges associated with Tourette Syndrome to work on TV and pursue a career in the public eye.

A workshop designed to build student skills in Attitude, Resilience and Confidence. Grounded in research, powerful story-telling and group activities, the session is broken into three engaging modules.

Seamus will share his techniques to turn those nerves into excitable energy and help you conquer the stage, boardroom, executives office and shine bright like a diamond.

How do you work with someone who is neurodiverse? Seamus is here to help guide you on the correct way to work with Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and other neurological conditions for a more inclusive society.

Here’s how it works

Seamus has run successful keynotes and workshops for entire organisations, conferences and for individual teams. 

  • 1. Schedule a chat today

    Share the outcome you’re looking for and let Seamus present you with ideas for talks or workshops.

  • 2. Run the event

    On the day, Seamus will run the presentation and workshops. You just sit back and join in. There will also be time to answer questions.

  • 3. Gain a new perspective

    Your students will enjoy a new perspective on themselves. You can also talk to Seamus about ongoing support for classrooms.

What other people are saying

Learn more about a few of the individual topics Seamus talks about and get in touch if you have and questions!