Overcome the fear of public speaking

Stand out from the crowd and SPEAK WITH CONFIDENCE!

75% of the world’s population are more scared of speaking in public than they are of DYING!

Over Seamus’ career reporting on live television, performing stand-up comedy and hosting breakfast radio shows around the country, he has developed highly effective techniques to turn those debilitating nerves into excitable energy to perform at his peak under extreme pressure.

Your team will learn simple techniques to comfortably apply before braving the spotlight to ensure a convincing delivery.

Using breathing methods, body language and pre-game rituals to manipulate the mind, your team will jump in the ‘shallow end’ to gain the confidence and avoid that nerve-wracking leap.

Using a nurturing approach, Seamus will gently guide your team out of their comfort zone to unlock a skill they never knew they had.


  • Communicate comfortably and confidently in front of audiences of all sizes.
  • Command the room and win over the crowd.
  • Pitch your proposal with conviction.
  • Deliver a speech with a standing ovation.

This workshop is perfect for:

  • Sporting teams
  • Groups in high performing roles
  • Student leadership cohort
  • Embracing failure

Become the minority and sit in the top 25% for that competitive advantage. Overcome the fear of public speaking with Seamus Evans.

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