Turn a flaw into a SUPERPOWER – for students

Is adversity a flaw or a strength?

This presentation will change the way your students view themselves and give them the confidence to embrace their setbacks that life has gifted them with.

Your students will feel empowered as they hear my triumphant journey overcoming the challenges associated with Tourette Syndrome to work on TV and pursue a career in the public eye.

Covering the major themes of resilience and adversity through digestible anecdotes and powerful storytelling, your students will run with RESILIENCE dance with ADVERSITY and conquer with CONFIDENCE.

Inclusivity is so important among Australians with neurodiverse conditions being diagnosed more frequently, “being different is now the new normal”.

This presentation is designed to educate people on neurodiversity, its challenges, benefits and how to engage both professionally and socially with someone who may seem a little different.

So let’s all ‘Accept’ the cards life has dealt us, discover our true ‘Passion’ and use sheer ‘Determination’ to turn our flaws into SUPERPOWERS!

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