Turn a flaw into a SUPERPOWER – Corporates

Is adversity a flaw or a strength? – That’s up to you…

Through this empowering and hilarious keynote, your team will walk away with resilience tips and a new found confidence to overcome any adversity life will surely throw their way.

Living with Non-Swearing Tourette Syndrome, I know adversity first hand can be a struggle.

This keynote is specifically designed to engage with Australians from all walks of life. I share my triumphant journey overcoming the challenges associated with Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and failing school to be a TV presenter and Breakfast radio host for over a decade.

Through the use of powerful story-telling, humour and vulnerability, this keynote, will help relinquish ‘imposter syndrome’ from your working life and propel your career.

Poor mental health sucks, yet too many of us face it without talking about it, I make a conscious decision to break that stigma through revealing my own battles in the hope that others will follow.

Will adversity make you a hero of a victim? I believe it’s your SUPERPOWER!

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