Naughty or Neurodiverse?

1 in 8 Australians are Neurodiverse, battling ADHD, Autism, ODD, OCD or Tourette Syndrome.

For decades, students have been labelled ‘Naughty’ when they were simply Neurodiverse.

Speaking first hand as a failed high school student with ADHD and Tourette Syndrome, I was looped into the category of ‘dumb’ and ‘Naughty’.

It took years of therapy and soul searching to change my thinking from “I failed school” to “The schooling system failed me”.

Our schooling system is letting highly intelligent students with leadership qualities slip through the cracks due to their different brains.

For this ‘Professional Development’ presentation, I have teamed up with esteemed psychiatrists and collated lived experiences from neurodiverse families to give you a one-hour presentation on neurodiversity in the classroom.

Your teachers will walk away with a newfound understanding of neurodiverse students. Hearing both the horror and hilarious stories of schooling experiences, I will share studies, classroom tips and simple

do’s and don’ts to make class life easier for both the student and the teacher.

Thanks to modern day psychology, these students are no longer considered ‘Difficult’, ‘Dumb’ or ‘Naughty’ instead they are gifted with a SUPERPOWER that no one else has. They just haven’t found it yet.

Our teachers of today can be the nurturing hands for our neurodiverse students of tomorrow, helping them unlock their SUPERPOWER!

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