Neurodiversity Explained

How do you work with someone who is neurodiverse?

Seamus is here to help guide you on the correct way to work with Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and other neurological conditions for a more inclusive society.

1 in 8 Australians are Neurodiverse, so chances are that you have some neurodiverse brains in your office.

ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, Autism, ODD, Depression and Anxiety. Society has deemed this a ‘Setback’ or a ‘Disorder’.

Seamus lives with Tourette Syndrome and ADHD, and has found these so called ‘Challenges’ to in fact be a SUPERPOWER!

In this professional development presentation, Seamus will walk managers and staff through the ins and outs of all things Neurodiverse, to better explain and understand how to encourage a more diverse workplace.

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